Selena Gomez's Mom Mandy Teefey on Dating Justin Bieber: 'Selena Can Make Her Own Choices'

Selena Gomez‘s mom Mandy Teefey is sharing her thoughts on her daughter starting up a new relationship with ex Justin Bieber.

The “It Ain’t Me” singer and her mom unfollowed each other on Instagram last month, though now Selena has changed her profile picture to a photo of Mandy.

Rumors started swirling that the two might have had a falling out about Selena‘s relationship with Justin, which may have led to Mandy‘s hospitalization, though People reported that that wasn’t the case.

Now, Mandy is revealing that she didn’t speak to Justin while Selena had her kidney transplant last summer. In fact, they haven’t talked or texted in “years,” and she told Gossip Cop that she is “not happy” with the couple’s latest reunion.

Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy,” Mandy explained. “Every mother and daughter has disagreements. She is 25 years old and knows what is at stake with her health. I do not control her the way it has been portrayed. Selena is an adult and can make her own choices.”

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