Hollywood Life reports that Selena Gomez’s mom has spoken out about Selena’s controversial decision to reunite with Justin Bieber.

Selena and Justin announced that they had revived their romance late last year. It followed a long period of distress for Selena — the actress was allegedly heartbroken when the first phase of their relationship ended, turning to drink and succumbing to depression.

Not only that, Justin tortured the actress by taking up with a series of starlets, groupies and Instagram models, and even had rumored flings with most of the members of the Kardashian family!

One report stated that Gomez could not understand “why it’s been so easy for him to move on and so had to her.”

The Gomez family was said to be concerned when Selena let Justin back into her life. There were reports that Justin was aware of this, and even opted to stay away from the Gomez family 2017 Christmas celebrations rather than ruffle anyone’s feathers.

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