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Justin Bieber-rsquo;s partying is ruining his reunion with Selena Gomez, according to a completely wrong report from a foreign tabloid. This story claims the couple is being torn apart by Bieber-rsquo;s supposedly wild ways, but it just isn-rsquo;t true. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegations.

The article in question can be found in the current edition of NW, which asks in a headline, -ldquo;Did Biebs-rsquo;s Partying Ruin Jelena 2.0?-rdquo; The piece begins, -ldquo;Is it too late to say sorry now? That-rsquo;s what Justin Bieber may want to start singing to Selena Gomez as talk of yet another split reaches fever pitch.-rdquo; After referencing the false Life -amp; Style story about Bieber and Gomez being headed for a split split, the gossip magazine alleges, -ldquo;Biebs-rsquo;s partying is what-rsquo;s driven a wedge between him and Sel.-rdquo;

-ldquo;They-rsquo;re just too different,-rdquo; a so-called -ldquo;insider-rdquo; is quoted as saying. The outlet asserts that the couple is on -ldquo;different pages right now,-rdquo; because while Gomez was recently in treatment, Bieber -ldquo;just can-rsquo;t stay out of da clubs,-rdquo; even though he -ldquo;claims to have cleaned up his bad-boy ways.-rdquo; As evidence, the publication points to Bieber partying with Dorothy Wang, as seen on Instagram, in late January. The singer, however, was actually at the venue for pal Ben Baller-rsquo;s birthday, and the jewelry designer was jointly celebrating with reality star Wang.

But the Australian tabloid maintains that-rsquo;s -ldquo;not the only time Justin-rsquo;s let loose over the past few weeks,-rdquo; bringing up his early January ski trip and his Maldives vacation with his mom, as if those are scandalous adventures. There was also supposedly a -ldquo;boozy bar crawl-rdquo; in Hollywood,-rdquo; with Bieber accused of -ldquo;ending the month with eight days of drinking, dancing and, er, ditching his girlfriend in La La Land.-rdquo; Of course, those claims are unsubstantiated, and the only reason he and Gomez were apart in late January is because she was at a treatment facility on the East Coast.

Nevertheless, the magazine contends, -ldquo;Meanwhile, it-rsquo;s clear Sel has no interest in partying-hellip; And it seems Justin-rsquo;s hangovers are the last things she wants in her new life.-rdquo; The outlet concludes by claiming Gomez -ldquo;hinted-rdquo; in her song -ldquo;It Ain-rsquo;t Me-rdquo; that Bieber-rsquo;s alleged drinking and partying is -ldquo;what wrecked their previous relationship.-rdquo; Opines the publication, -ldquo;Clearly Biebs didn-rsquo;t get the message.-rdquo; Actually, it-rsquo;s NW that didn-rsquo;t get the message, because while the song is about a romance ruined by alcoholism, Gomez didn-rsquo;t write the lyrics. Far from being inspired by Bieber, the track is actually about a relationship songwriter Ali Tamposi endured. Gomez came on board about a month after it was written.

So, to be clear, the publication has flimsy proof of Bieber being on a partying spree and its theorizing about -ldquo;It Ain-rsquo;t Me-rdquo; doesn-rsquo;t hold up at all. What also doesn-rsquo;t hold up is the assertions that the pair are on -ldquo;different pages.-rdquo; Bieber and Gomez both went to the same church session on Wednesday, and then on Thursday they attended a Rex Orange County concert together. Clearly their relationship hasn-rsquo;t been ruined, nor are they spending their time partying. Unlike the couple, you can consider this obviously inaccurate tabloid story, well, torn apart.

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Justin Bieber-rsquo;s partying is ruining his reunion with Selena Gomez.

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